Emiratis and the workplace: how can companies attract and retain local talent


Spring Cycle 2, 2022-2023

Course Code: MBA644 Course Name: Managerial Economics
Date of Examination: Presentation on April 26th, report due April 27th. Name of examination: Project
Location of Examination: Presentation face to face, report submission online Instructor(s): Dr. Davide Contu
Number of Students: 33


Answer the questions presented in this document (2nd page) and then submit your answers at the turnitin link available in MyCUD. Prepare a report in Microsoft Word (target a minimum of 2500 words) and a Power Point (target a maximum of 10 slides) to present during the last MBA644 class. Include tables and/or charts produced by you (not copied and pasted) to effectively summarize the information you want to convey. Conduct secondary desk research (reports, scientific articles, databases such as data.worldbank.org, etc.) to base your answers on evidence, besides on economic theory. The project counts for 40 marks of the overall grade. Deadline: Files must be submitted in Turnitin no later than April 27th, 2023 (note, presentation will happen during the class of April 26th 2023). Share a minimum of 1 draft via email (davide.contu@cud.ac.ae) by 19th April. This is a group exercise for up to 4 members*. Any late submission might not be accepted or lead to removal of points. Plagiarism or cheating of any form is not tolerated and will be dealt with according to the relevant CUD handbook. The group submission must have a page with the description of the tasks completed by each member.

Course Learning outcomes PLOs
CLO 1 – Equips future business leaders with the tools to critically analyze important indicators of macroeconomic condition of a country and their implications on managerial decisions PLO2
CLO 2 –To use the theoretical insights to analyze the economic underpinnings of cost theory, optimization, game theory and elasticity concepts to evaluate managerial problems PLO3, 4
CLO3 – Formulate choices based on predictions and assumptions for organizations under uncertain and risky environment PLO 5,11
CLO4 – Formulate strategic decisions to address business scenarios in the global economic context PLO6, 8 ,9

*A group of 5 members needs special approval from the instructor and is expected to provide a report of minimum 3500 words, and a presentation of minimum 20 slides.

Topic: Propose your own topic for approval or follow one of the following:

-Fixed versus variable interest rates when choosing a mortgage: when to choose what.

-Game theory and climate change economics: how can we foster international cooperation?

-Influencing drivers’ behaviors: A review of the literature

-Entrepreneurship in the UAE

-Emiratis and the workplace: how can companies attract and retain local talent

-The restaurants’ sector in the UAE: analysis of barriers and opportunities

Minimum expected tasks to be completed regardless of the topic chosen:

-Conduct a literature review summarizing what is known about the topic chosen;

-Look for data from relevant and reputable online platforms as discussed in class;

-Conduct data analysis including descriptive statistics and analysis as you deem appropriate;

– Based on the earlier points, draw meaningful implications for policy makers/companies;

The report and presentation should contain the following sections:

Title| Executive Summary| Introduction| Literature Review| Methodology| Results| Conclusions

Consult your instructor and share drafts regularly to ensure the project is conducted satisfactorily. If no drafts are submitted before submission, grades of A or A+ cannot be reasonably achieved.


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