Video Chat Reflection with Fisher Stevens

The video Chat with Award winning actor, director and activist Fisher Stevens is educative, where he marries all his experiences into the current project he is directing for Apple TV+, drawing from his experiences in the industry. However, his journey is not portrayed to be easy, but it becomes apparent that he had to struggle a lot to be the person he is today. I learnt that perseverance is critical to success in the industry, especially for hopeful novices. He recounts his experiences before being established, where he took on odd jobs such as being the bike delivery person for a casting company (Kaltura). However, in this transitory period, he never lost sight of his dream, finding enjoyment from theatre as a means of polishing his craft.

Similarly, it is apparent that even seasoned professionals are subject to challenges in the industry, where Fisher shares his experience in the making of one movie, where the producer was always on his case, directing each component of the creative process. He cites frustration at this reality, where the creative independence is not entirely upon the director, but must be in line with their direction. Curtailing of creative freedom is averse to directors, where their vision of the film is not translated onscreen. He offers advice on the attraction held by documentaries, where the director is at liberty to tackle the issues they are most passionate about without consideration for success in the market (Kaltura). Similarly, fisher diminishes the importance of money as the main motivator for taking up a given project, where a political consciousness advising an entertainer drives them to make work that is socially uplifting in the causes that really matter.

In summation, Fisher advises that the student must be passionate of the career, where they must be the best actor, director, editor or any other niche in the industry. In the Covid-19 situation, he advises that students be involved in writing short films and recording them on their iPhones, irrespective of the reception, or results. When a person in the industry gets perspective on the different roles in the industry, it is easier to appreciate the different challenges involved in developing great content.

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