Part 1

Nowadays, religion is being introduced in many disciplines. For example, some Christian values are being used in nursing, psychology among many other fields. Through the religious knowledge, one can analyze if various sectors are performing accordingly. The base of the Catholic faith stands as imperative teachings that teach many on Christian values. In this period of the American politics, the Catholic values are being violated by the presidential candidates in their talk and deeds. For example, Trump has been accused of disrespecting women and using vulgar language towards them. Clinton, on the other hand, has been accused of lying about her email deletion saga. After watching the two full debates on YouTube, many questions arise about the presidential candidates’ motives. The first debate was held on September 26, 2016, while the second one was held on 9th October 2016. From the way the candidates explains various question from the moderators and the audience, there is enough evidence that the debates violate the Catholic/Christian values and beliefs. The main aim of this paper is to review the last two debates and examine how the debates violated the Catholic /Christian values and beliefs through the theological lens.

There are many Christian values that were violated during the first and the second debate, but this paper will focus on a couple of them. Some of the Christian/Catholic values/beliefs that were violated include justice, love, caring for the environment, equality before God, honesty, helping the poor among others. On equality, Trump seems to believe that men are superior to women.  Trump argues that Clinton lacks the stamina, the below is what Trump says about Clinton She doesn’t have the stamina; I said she doesn’t have the stamina. And I don’t believe she does have the stamina. To be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina. Disrespect is also evident where Trump is asked concerning his bragging rumors about groping women, Trump respond by saying that I didn’t say that at all. I don’t think you understood what was — this was locker room talk.

The lack of strategies to protecting the rights of the voiceless lacks in these debates. According to Trump, America has been helping many countries that he won’t be in support of. When it comes to caring for the environment, Trump is against the EPA work of regulating energy production. Trump argues that the Environmental Protection Agency is killing these energy companies. Trump seems to be for coal for energy production that is highly harmful.  Even though he supports the production of energy through wind and solar, he thinks that energy won’t be enough and EPA needs to loosen their restrictions.

Caring for the poor is another element that is not much focused in these debates. The two candidates argue about the Obama care effectiveness an initiative that was implemented to help the poor where Clinton supports it by Trump dislike it. Trump argues that he will help the inner city people but his policies seem to favor the rich in the society. When it comes to the common good of the Americans, the two candidate’s views seems to be centered on their selfish needs rather than the citizen’s. When Trump was asked about the past video about women that he had released about a week ago, he brings up other issues to confuse the moderator. According to Trump, he respects women more than any other person in the world that indicates dishonesty.  Clinton also lies about the email saga next part of the paper analyzes the above mention issues in details comparing them to the Catholic/Christian faith. From the above review, it is evident that there are many Catholic beliefs and values being violated in these debates. The next part of the paper will reflect on what has been said above in the light of the religious sensibilities.

Part 2

When it comes to equality before God, the Catholic faith believes that every person is equal to God. What one analyzes in the first debate is that Trump believes that men are superior to women. Even though he argues that he has much respect for women, it is quite visible that he doesn’t since he keeps on disrupting Clinton. He goes on to argue that Clinton does not have the stamina to be the president[1]. During the second debate, Ken Bon asked the candidates about the steps they are going to take to ensure the methods of energy production remain environmentally friendly. Trump argued that he’s for wind, solar among other energy production methods. However, he also notes that the country needs more energy than what the wind and solar can provide. Clinton, on the other hand, argues that she has a comprehensive policy regarding environmentally friendly energy production.  According to the Catholic beliefs, people should take care of the creation. With the policies that the two have, the environmental state of the country will be at risk.

Honesty is another value highly valued by Christians. In Proverbs 12:22, the Bible states that “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord”[2]. In this verse, the Catholics are encouraged to speak the truth always despite the situation they find themselves in. the two candidates regularly lies when they are asked about emails and women groping saga. Respect lacks in these debates. In 1 Peter 2:17, the word notes that “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor”. Trump’s views towards women are against this value. He expects women to be laid back because they lack stamina.  Selflessness is also an imperative value that is highly embraced by Catholics. In many ways, the Catholics are taught to be selfless and consider others. In these debates, there are many selfish motives going on. For example, the two candidates are out there to tarnish each other’s names so that they can gain the votes.

Another value that the Catholics have is the concern for the poor. Caring for the poor and voiceless is rooted in claims of justice. In many ways, one becomes faithful by caring for the others. Christians are urged to share what they have with the poor in the society. The Israelites fell into temptations after they neglected the poor. When one analyzes the two debates, Trump policies are directed to helping the rich get richer. Clinton and Trump should focus on justice and come with policies that will ensure that the many evils in the society are reduced. When Trump is talking about the inner cities during the first debate, he argues that the inner cities are dangerous[3]. However, instead of coming up with a solution, he blames Clinton for the mess.

Peace is a very important belief in Catholic faith. Catholics should live in peace with everybody. In the debates, peace value is violated when the two candidates keeps on hailing cruel words at each other. Trump also thinks that America should not sign any other peace treaties. He argues that the peace deals that Clinton has been sighing have not worked. Another value that was violated is love. According to the Catholic teachings, there is no way one can love God if they don’t have love others. The remarks by the two candidates don’t show love. Jesus was compassionate towards the people that were isolated in the community. He associated with the lepers, poor people, and prostitutes among other outcasts. This is a type of love that is not anywhere new the two debates.

Part 3

Using the theological values beliefs that I have been learning, analyzing the two candidates have been easy. From the class notes, I have come to understand the values that Catholics are supposed to have. For example, the bible instructs the Christians to have love, care for each other, have respect and care for the environment. Through the theological lessons, I have come to understand that justice is a responsibility of every faith filled person. In the book of Exodus, God revels himself to be the opposer of the injustice. Injustice is regarded as an enemy of God. Since we are collaborating with the presidential candidates to ensure that they win the elections, there should be an agreeable covenant. In the covenant between God and the Israelites, God promised the people that he will be their God and they will be their people. In this debate, the two candidates seem to have few attainable goals that they are promising the public. When one analyzes the two debates, the two candidates are only pursuing power without minding the welfare of the citizens. Since the two have publicly said that they are Christians previously, they should ensure that they highly uphold the Catholic beliefs and values.

In summary, the two candidates are violating many of the Catholics beliefs and values in many ways. There are many instances when the two are disrespectful, not compassionate to the poor, unkind, injustice, rude, selfish, and uncaring among other negative attitudes towards the citizens. In this period of the American politics, the Christian beliefs and values are being violated by the presidential candidates by their talk. From the way the candidates explains issues asked by moderators and the audience, there is enough evidence that the debates violate the Catholic/Christian values and beliefs.




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