Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

The Civil War is a complex issue in American history, and cannot be attributed to any specific issue, but rather, an amalgamation of differences between regions in economic, social and cultural conflicts. Nonetheless, the war could have been avoided through compromise on economic and social issues, given that differences between the two regions festered over time, culminating into war. Slavery is the main issue associated with the civil war, where the agricultural South was dependent on slave labor to produce goods, while the industrial North depended on raw materials from the South. As the power of the Northern States grew, the South, which had been the traditional seat of power felt, threatened by the growing influence of the North, and resisted changes that would result in their losing their influence in the federal government.

Prior to the war, the North and South were engaged in an economic warfare, where the Southern States chose to import industrial goods produced from abroad. In its turn, the North, through federal legislation, imposed heavy tariffs on imported goods in order to protect industries in the North. Through implementation of fair-trade policies, the civil war could have been averted, where ill feelings could not fester over time in the absence of unfair trade practices. Political strife emerged as a result of two regions each determined to advance their cause at the expense of the other. When President Lincoln was inaugurated as president, seven Southern States had seceded, and with the declaration of the emancipation proclamation by president Lincoln, on the use of force could have succeeded in returning the country into normalcy. If the political leadership of both regions had worked to reconcile and resolve the points of difference over time, the country could not have been as fractured, and the civil war could have been avoided.


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