History 108 Final Exam – Grossmont – Cuyamaca Community College District

Select one of the following exam questions and write a thorough and complete essay.
Answer all parts to the essay question. You have until Friday at midnight to submit this
final exam.

Securing the Republic

Possible Exam Essay Question: (This one seems easy but here I am looking for details!)
Following the U.S. War of Independence the United States rapidly found itself formulating
foreign policy decisions. Describe the U.S. stance regarding the French and Haitian Revolutions.
Describe the causes, conduct and outcome of both the War of 1812 and Barbary Pirates Wars.

The Market Revolution

Possible Exam Essay Question:
The capitalism is critical to understanding the early development of the United States. Describe
the contributions including basic economic theory of two of the economic theorists presented in
class. Next describe the development of both transportation and communications networks and
their importance. Describe the differences in commercial farming between the North and South.

The Peculiar Institution

Possible Exam Essay Questions:
Slavery was labeled the “Peculiar Institution.” Describe this label and the difference between
American Freedoms and the institution of Slavery. Describe the institution of slavery in terms of
the Southern Economy. Describe the paternalist ethos. Finally, examine slavery and the law.

An Age of Reform

Possible Exam Essay Questions:
Various reform movements developed in the United States, centered on temperance, anti-slavery,
and women’s rights. First, describe the advent of social utopian societies. Trace the temperance
movement. Next, examine the difference in the anti-slavery movements of re-colonization and
abolitionism, what were their ideas and how would they implement these ideas. Finally, examine
the origins of the women’s rights movement including Seneca Falls.

A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War 1861-1865

The Civil War was the pivotal event in Early American History. First examine the reasons why
the American Civil War is described as the First Modern War. Second, define the strategies of
the North and the South. Third, describe the generalship of Lee, Grant, and Sherman. Fourth,
describe how the strategies of the North and South changed throughout the war. Finally, describe
the affect the Emancipation Proclamation had on the war and the wars outcome.
****I strongly suggest everyone do this extra credit opportunity to boost your grade. (write a
minimum of 1 page but you can write more for added points)

Extra Credit:

The Movie Glory touches on many aspects of the Civil War. Describe the context of the movie,
training methods used to train the troops of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, and the tactics on
the battlefield that were used. Also, describe the adversity the troops went through, how they
treated one another and how they were treated by their own officers and by others outside of
their unit. Finally, after seeing the movie, how did you feel and what were your overall thoughts?

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