MBA 651: In Class Activity TEST Fall C 2 – 2022

In Class Activity TEST Fall C 2 – 2022


Course Code: MBA 651 Course Title:  OB
Date of Examination:  30-11-2022 Time of Examination:
Location of Exam: MGT 104 Instructor(s):
Number of Students: 42 Number of Pages:  2


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  • Examination is OPEN book for all students.
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CLOs PLOs Questions
CLO 1-. Critically discuss and evaluate the influence of personality, attitudes, perceptions, and attributions on organizational behavior PO1 1
CLO 2- Develop advanced knowledge in various theories on personality, power and need behavior in relation to individual behavior in organizations PO2 2
CLO 3- Critically assess how various models of management styles and motivation techniques are utilized in organizations to improve productivity, performance, and job satisfaction PO4 3
CLO 4- Compare and contrast how various group theories impact team productivity and motivation in organizations PO7,9  
CLO 5- Evaluate and critically question the theories and concepts of organizational culture and behavior in achieving organization’s strategic goals. PO10  





  1. Critically analyze the below research case study and explain how it is possible to enhance work engagement in the healthcare industry


According to a research study, a small (1%) increase in employee engagement leads to a 3% reduction in hospital-acquired complications. Meanwhile, hospital readmissions were reduced by 7%. The study stated that fully engaged and engaged physicians referred 3% more outpatients and 51% more in-patients to the hospital than non-engaged or actively disengaged physicians. According to the same study, fully engaged and engaged physicians were 26% more productive than their less engaged counterparts. It amounted to an extra $460,000 in average annual in-patient revenue per physician.

The study analyzed the relationship between personality traits and job engagement in the healthcare industry. A self-administered survey was applied to the personnel. A relevant data was collected from 250 nurses and doctors. The results of the study indicated that there were significant relationships between personality traits and job engagement. Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience were positively related but Neuroticism was negatively related to physical, emotional and positive engagement. Openness to Experience was the significant predictor of physical, emotional and cognitive engagement. Agreeableness was the predictor of emotional and cognitive engagement. As a higher order factor job engagement was related to big five factors. Openness to Experience and Agreeableness were the only significant predictors of job engagement. Results of this study suggest that the five-factor model is useful for examining the dispositional source of job engagement.


2.Critically appraise the conflictual situation that is occurring in the below case. Use concepts and theories to justify your answer. Evaluate the extent to which the culture of organization may influence people engagement.


In this rapidly evolving world, we use power, authority influence and politics to foster the requisite change. It is pivotal that a manager develops expertise of these resources in order to gain competitive advantage. The power imbalance between Whitney and Dreanan that developed after the merger of Excel and Gemini has led to mutual undercutting, and conflicting messages from the top of the organization as each fight to steer the company in the future direction they best see fit. In doing so at the expense of their employees, they have alienated divisions, and jeopardized their organizational culture. Excel Systems and Gemini had huge differences in their corporate value system and management approach. Excel exercised an organic/neutral decentralized culture, was a creative and engineering driven company which had more of an entrepreneurial start up approach. On the other hand, Gemini was process-oriented, mechanical and much more professional under the watchful eyes of Dreanan. The factional group thus created friction and strife among upper level and lower level employees. The subsequent resignations and layoffs of employees emphasizes on the diminishing motivation among employees. This relates to Herzberg’s Dual Factor theory of motivation (introduction of job dissatisfiers) and how structural changes in organization can be a barrier to motivation

3.Critically evaluate the following statement: Is empowering employees always beneficial for organizations? Justify your answer with references and literature



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