Crisis Management Plan

This study to be done for TESLA Company with responding to following:

• Complete a SWOT and PEST analysis for the chosen organization
• Highlight the corporate strategy of the organization as well as one of its main business strategies
• In the context of the landscape survey (internal and external analysis) you have conducted, determine the types of crises this
organization is most likely to face as a result of adopting the described strategies therein (Just list them with a brief definition)
• Complete only these sections of the Crisis Management Plan for the organization:
• Cover page
• Purpose of the Crisis Management Team
• Definition of a crisis
• Activation of the CMT
• CMT role responsibilities (only the CMT leader and the spokesperson)
• Response (step-by-step) to 1 specific crisis or 1 specific type/family of crises (as previously determined)
• Appendix 1: SWOT analysis
• Appendix 2: PEST analysis

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