Superheroes Decoded: American Rebels Online Quiz

Question 1

According to Superheroes Decoded: American Rebels, when the X-Men made a comeback in 1975, the comic book was responding to all of the following except…

A. World War II

B. Anti-Racism

C. Vietnam War

D. Black Power

Question 2

The following is true about the Blank Panther comic book character…(select all that apply)

a. The Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

b. The Black Panther is Marvel Comics’s first black superhero.

c. The depiction of Wakanda as a beautiful, peaceful, thriving, technologically advanced society goes against the harmful stereotypes of Africa at the time.

d. Black Panther first debuted in the Fantastic Four comic book.

Question 3

All of the following are true about Wonder-Woman except…

A. During the 1960s, Wonder Woman marries her boyfriend Steve, and they live happily together for decades.

B. William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in the 1940s to symbolize female power and equality.

C. In reaction to more conservative times in the 1950s, Wonder Woman focuses more on domestic duties and marriage rather than fighting.

D. In the 1970s, feminist activist Gloria Steinem convinces DC comics to restore Wonder-Woman’s original powers and costume.

Question 4

The following is true about Comic-Con in San Diego except . . .

A. Comic-Con began in 1970, and 300 people attended at a hotel in San Diego.

B. Comic book culture is now extremely popular, with multiple superhero movies each year.

C. Today, there’s 150,000 people at Comic-Con, and it takes over downtown San Diego.

D. Hollywood Stars ignore Comic-Con because they think it’s too nerdy.

Question 5

True or False?

The required length of the Unit 4 Essay is 4-6 pages in MLA format (a minimum of 1, 500 words)

A. True

B. False

Question 6

True or False?

An Islamophobic bus ad campaign was launched in San Francisco, and someone went through and painted over those ads with pictures of Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan). She had become a symbol of pride and hope for people who needed something to fight against that hate.

A. True

B. False

Question 7

According to Superheroes Decoded: American Rebels, Wolverine is a popular character from the X-Men for all of the following reasons except….

A. He says what he thinks and doesn’t have a filter.

B. He’s violent, but he also has a sensitive side.

C. Wolverine is a badass.

D. He uses strategic thinking and science to solve problems.

Question 8

How many sources are required for the Unit 4 Essay?

A. at least 5 sources (1 primary source and 4 secondary sources)

B. at least 2 sources (2 secondary sources)

C. at least 4 sources (1 primary source and 3 secondary sources)

D. at least 6 sources (1 primary source and 5 secondary sources)

Question 9

Orrin C Evans created comic book characters Lion Man and Ace Harlem in the 1940s in order to present a positive image of African Americans and to fight against the horrendous stereotypes that people had at the time.

A. True

B. False

Question 10

True or False?

In the Unit 4 Essay, each body paragraph should include quoted passages from at least 2-3 sources (primary source + 1 to 2 secondary sources)

A. True

B. False

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