Community/Humanitarian Issue

Option 2—Indirect Service Project: Issue Highlight
An indirect service project is an opportunity to learn more about a particular organization that serves the community by highlighting an issue. This project will comprise several parts:

1) Consider a community or humanitarian issue—examples might include homelessness, mental health, education, racial justice in (housing, policing, etc.), poverty, voting rights, immigration, etc.

2) Write a 3-4 page paper based upon your selected topic using 3-4 resources.

a) Your paper should respond to the following prompts:

i) Identify and describe your selected topic.

ii) Tell us about your selected topic—why did you choose this particular social issue?

iii) Why should we care about this issue?

iv) Tell us about an organization or project that addresses the issue (how the organization started, what’s their mission, what’s some basic information that we should know, and how are they addressing this social justice issue [i.e., volunteering, food collection, offering childcare, building houses, lobbying legislators]).

v) How can you and Missouri State students get involved with this organization? For instance, volunteering, donating time or money, advocating for policy change (organizing people, writing elected officials, voting), registering people to vote, etc. The key is what ACTION can Missouri State students take right now to effect change.

vi) Be sure to support your paper with your sources and include in-text citations (paraphrases and direct quotes) throughout.

vii) What did you learn about yourself while learning more about this topic?

b) You need to include a Works Cited/References page that does not count towards your total page count. You must also include intext citations throughout your paper.

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